AFA has just done a re-design on shirts & hats with the assistance of 'B&G Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery' 304.267.6196 (Mike).

Check 'em out!!


Also having new magnetic signs redesigned for the auto's by 'Sensel Signs' who also did the lettering for the van. 304.267.7807 (Thomas Davis)


AFA has been contracted to design a set of house plans for  home-owners who will hire a contractor of their choosing. The only way to go if one is considering a new home for construction. Call us!


AFA has just acquired two more buildings for Maintenance & Janitorial services. As well we have received potential 'five-year' contracts for two Government buildings. Very excited for these Blessings...


With the recent purchase of a truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine we're also going into the arena of carpet cleaning in a larger way. We now are able to clean carpets two different ways...dry carpet cleaning as well as steam cleaning.